DirectCourse in MN

An Online Training Resource Now Available

MN DHS is making DirectCourse available to all Minnesotans with disability and those who support them at low or no cost.

DirectCourse is a suite of online curricula designed to help educate anyone providing support and services to individuals with disabilities. These rich, interactive curricula are proven to increase the competencies and skills of those providing support. While each curriculum targets a specific disability service area, anyone involved in supporting an individual will benefit from the content found in DirectCourse. The suite includes the following curricula: (click on the links provided for a list of courses available in each curriculum.)

College of Direct Support (CDS) – Direct Support Professionals and Family Caregivers
College of Frontline Supervision and Management (CFSM) - Frontline Supervisors and Managers
College of Employment Services (CES) – Employment Support Professionals
College of Personal Assistance and Caregiving (CPAC) – Personal Care Assistants, Home Care Providers, and Family Caregivers
College of Recovery and Community Inclusion (CRCI) – Community Mental Health Practitioners and Family Caregivers

For more information on the learning management system powering DirectCourse go to:

All courses are self-paced and available anytime, anywhere there is access to an Internet connected multi-media computer or tablet. The learning management system is also handy and flexible so you can easily track training progress and assign new lessons as needed.