MN Person-Centered Change Projects (MPCCP)


The MPCCP are partnership activities between the Research and Training Center at the University of Minnesota and the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS), people receiving services and others. Their purpose is to support and stimulate collaboration, innovation, and system change in the areas of person-centered practices especially for people at the highest risk of experiencing restrictions or poor quality of life.


Minnesota’s health and human service system ensures the opportunity for every Minnesotan to be treated with dignity and experience self-determination, inclusion, opportunity, success, and other person-centered outcomes when engaging services. 

Values/Positions Guiding Activities

Real and enduring change requires aligning change at all levels (individual practitioner, organization, system) and in a coordinated way. It is driven by the voices of people seeking services and their families and the promises of Olmstead. Sustainably builds on what we know works. It aligns well with state and federal initiatives. Enhanced support as needed for people at the highest risk of restrictions must be available. 

General Activities of the MPCCP

The MPCCP primarily focuses on training and technical assistance related to the alignment of policy, practice and system design in Minnesota with person directed, person-centered and positive supports approaches. It is primarily funded and supported by DHS. 


A great place to start is with Person-Centered Thinking/Person-Centered Planning trainings.  This 2-day session provides a framework that helps us to discover and support what really matters to people, while ensuring a balance between what people want and what will help them to stay healthy and safe.

If you are serving people who require specialized behavior supports, learn more about the Positive Behavior Support Cohort training here.  This intensive 12-month training enhances professional skill in supporting people with behavior that puts them at risk of restrictions or loss of services.

If you’re looking for a flexible, customizable online training that supports the vision of Olmstead and helps to meet 245D requirements, check out Direct Course.